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[QUOTE] "This is a comunity for people who need somewhere to vent, or just people to talk to.."

well, then this is what im looking for.

Here is something you can fill out and post to help people get to know you better:

name: Hope (nickname : Hopey)
age: 18
location: Cambridge, MD
diagnosis/feeling: family issues
favourite song: i like too many to pick just one...
favourite colour: pink/black or pink/brown (together)
lyrics from a song that describe how you feel :"i am extraodinary.if you ever get to know me."
hobbies: nothing really. work. shop, talk, thrift stores, taking walks, etc.
most important thing to you: breathe

um, i dont know really where to start.
i just need a place to vent.
i have a lot going on.
granit, i do have people to talk to.
i just dont feel like burdening.
and i feel emotionally better when i write what i feel.
so this works out better for me.

im sure if you read back a little in my journal you may find some of the things that bother me.
but for the most part i dont write in it about these issues.
i do have one journal that only holds a letter i wrote to my mom not too long ago.
check that out :)

if u want to hear the whole story behind why ive joined.
post, otherwise i wont yet.
i just dont have the energy right now.

thank you for existing.
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