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I used to cut. I still consider myself a cutter as I often do have strong temptations and I consider it a part of who I am. However I'm working on getting through each day without another scar, just taking it day by day instead of "I'm never cutting again, ever." That's simply too daunting. Not to sound rude, but I'm only joining this community for this one post (and possibly a comment here and there), simply because I find if I visit communities like these continually it's triggering. I do admit that I am involved in another type of self-injury currently: salt/ice. However, I don't find it as addicting, merely a way to resolve my stronger urges to cut.

Anyway, for my Psychology class I am doing a research paper on Self-Injury. If any of you would care to share your story, why you cut, what triggers you, what you gain from it, anything, please do right here as a comment. Any quotations I use will either be made anonymous, a fake name, or your real name- depending on your choice, so do choose! I would really appreciate it, and in the process I hope it gives you all some things to think about, digging a little deeper beyond skin and blood, to what's really the issue here. I love you all, I don't care that you're strangers to me, you're still human and sharing space and breath and time and secrets and fighting this life. XOXO and thank you in advance.


PS; This will be x-posted to other SI communities, sorry for littering your friends pages.
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