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Hello- I guess I will put up a little introduction before I head outside.

Name: Lintu Seth (pen)
age- 19
dob- 6.11.85
scars- too many under too much cover up. heh.

I really dun know what to day really, I was browsing communities in hopes to find one to help me cope with all this... shit... in my head, in my heart on my soul... I mean I dont want to sound trite with "oh im hurt, i need help" but basically that is how it is right now.

everyone says ive been through a lot in my life, but i never saw it that way, and i never would have seen it that way if my psychologist didnt point it out. Now that he has, it feels like all the scabs and all the cover up has been ripped away and it left me standing there more vunerable then ive ever felt, and i did my best to throw the walls back up, to cover everything up again... but i saw it all, i know its there, and i dont understand any of it...

Im just hoping that i can find help, or at least some good advise to help or point me in the right direction.

So hello.
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